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Be Prolific

Discover what's possible when you are clear and deeply committed to your dreams

Core values






It is never too late to be who you might have been.

- George Eliot

Prolific Personal Development unlocks your greatest potential with real-life experiences, application, and tools that propel you towards your goals.  Your coaching will deliver the ulitimate freedom through connection.


Anthony's coaching practice and teaching style are unique and effective in two distinct ways – its origin and delivery. The practice combines the rich and ancient history of yogic philosophy plus the most effective personal development technologies & ideology.His coaching methodology and philosophy is rooted in the concept of  “experienced practice over theory”  He believes that the role of a personal development coach is a huge responsibility and in it, there needs to be real-life experience, application, and results behind the coaching. This is in conjunction with the learned theory and formal training.  In addition, to being trained and mentored by some of the best in the industry, he is also a Legacy International Certified Holistic Coach. This is a one thousand hour certification course and is considered to be the most rigorous and thorough training program in the world. The delivery happens through one to one coaching, seminars, workshops, and retreats. Each session is tailored to meet the client where they’re at and this is where the delivery may look different. It could be a conversation on the past, a movement-based module, or a meditative journey as an example. 



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About Anthony

Since 2009 Anthony Chavez has traveled the world speaking professionally as a human performance coach. Anthony’s purpose is to deliver freedom through connection, it’s to demonstrate to the world what’s possible when you are clear and deeply committed to your dreams.

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