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About Me

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Anthony loves to use his life as a canvas for his work. As a lifelong athlete who found yoga in his early thirties, and fell in love with the practice. Since then he’s taught over 5000 public classes, led numerous teacher trainings and workshops. 

When he’s not working, he moonlights as an ultra-endurance athlete. He’s competed in the Ironman Triathlon, ultra-marathons, ultra-cycling events, and even did yoga for 24 hours straight for charity. He was named one of Instagram’s top ten trainers by Men’s Health in 2020 and does all of this while working full time, being a husband to Nicole, and a father of four little ones.

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Legacy Training Certification

Legacy Training International certifies Integrative Holistic Life Coaches and Facilitators. IHC Certification requires a minimum of 1000 hours of personal and professional breakthrough training. Training includes the completion of seminars, immersion retreats, one on one coaching, partner work, leadership training, and human development. Integrative Holistic Coaches adhere to Legacy Training International Code of Ethics.

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